Your Car, Simplified.

✅  Instant fixed quotes
✅  Verified technicians to your door
✅  Online questions answered by real mechanics
… and so much more!

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Smart Mechanic App, Smart Mechanic mobile app, Smart Mechanic referral
Smart Mechanic App, Smart Mechanic mobile app, Smart Mechanic referral, Smart Mechanic story

Taking the muddle out of motors

  • Smart Mechanic was created for one reason: to make running your car easier. And, that’s exactly what it does…

  • It’s an end to unexpected repairs drama; instead, enjoy easy access to verified, fixed quote mechanics who are happy to come to you.

  • It’s a middle ground, so you only pay if you’re happy with the result. No more post-garage grumbles.

  • It means no more forgetting the mother-in-law’s birthday because you were trying to track renewal dates.

  • And, it’s a hub to explore the true status and history of your new second-hand hotrod, without the hidden hazards.

  •  Smart Mechanic makes car repairs, servicing and management simple.

Control everything in one easy-to-use app

Save Time & Money

Smart Mechanic gives you instant fixed quotes for local, verified mechanics who, if you need, come to you. No more calling around garages. No more overcharging. And, you’ll even save up to 50% compared to the franchised dealer.

Absolute Transparency

Smart Mechanic is built on a secured blockchain. Without getting all Albert Einstein, it means we’re bullet-proof. No fraudulent mechanic reviews. A safe deposit for payment. And, if you’re buying a car, nothing can be hidden.

More Headspace

Renewal notifications? Check. Real mechanics to answer your questions? Check. A unique knowledge base for individual brands and models? Absolutely! Smart Mechanic has everything you need to never worry about your vehicle again.

Fair pricing first time

Real-time, no-obligation quotes on all repairs, maintenance, inspections and more. You’ll know exactly what it’ll cost before committing to anything.

Relax - we’ll sort everything

Book your car service with a few clicks. A mechanic will pick up your vehicle (if you require). They’ll service it. Then, drop it back off. And, all with a 1-year warranty.

Meanwhile, you’re enjoying a get-together with friends and family.

Answers you can rely on

A knowledge base built on trust and reputation; all our mechanics are qualified to answer your queries. So, attach your pictures, ask your questions and get reliable answers.

Finally, an end to random forums and their random solutions!

Dependable & secure

Smart Mechanic is technology-focused. It uses blockchain tech to help verify mechanics’ work, prevent fraudulent reviews, guarantee tamper-proof vehicle history checks and lots more.

Risk-free vehicle management.

We Were Tired Of Being Ripped Off

We started Smart Mechanic because, like you, we were tired of taking time off work. We were sick of being ripped off by dodgy mechanics, not knowing if the work was done right.

So, we created something never seen before in the automotive industry.

We developed a simple-to-use, all-in-one app, which lets you do everything – from booking repairs with local, verified technicians who can come to you; to direct access with real mechanics who can answer all your questions; to a fleet management portfolio of all your vehicles, which sends reminders for tax, insurance and loads of other deadlines.

If you want to enjoy your car, rather than worry about it, pop your email below to be notified of when we launch.


    Smart Mechanic App, Smart Mechanic mobile app, Smart Mechanic referral

    Want To Earn Pre-launch Rewards?

    To celebrate the soon-to-be launch of Smart Mechanic we’ve got bundles of guaranteed rewards (annual discounts, free MOTs, even the chance to win a car) to give away.

    It’s super easy to earn them. Just tell your friends about Smart Mechanic. Simple, aye?

    The more friends who sign up to be notified of the launch, the better your rewards. And, each sign up is a chance to win a brand new Audi A1.

    So, get sharing.

    Work with us and be your own boss…

    Earn up to £60 per hour, flexible working hours whilst managing this all yourself.
    Smart Mechanic App, Smart Mechanic mobile app, Smart Mechanic referral, Mobile mechanic app, blockchain mechanic